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It's not a sequel, right? :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 6 6 XL OC Scarr plushie (Mk 4) :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 18 0 Price list: March 2017 edition :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 1 0 Penguin dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 1 0 Fox dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 2 3 Wolf dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 1 0 Dragon dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 1 0 Merpony dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 2 0 Mk. 4 pony dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 2 2 Seapony dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 1 0 Siren dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 0 0 Regular Tyandaga plush :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 57 30 Random Sonic OC (traditional drawing) :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 3 5 Regular Rainbow Dash plushie :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 24 4 Adipose plush dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 0 0 Chao plush dummy :iconrocket-punk:Rocket-Punk 0 0


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My thoughts on Sonic Forces
So recently at SXSW they finally told us what the name of Project 2017 so we can stop calling it Project 2017. I have to say I feel more disappointed than anything.
So beside Ilzukia doing another one of "I bait and switch your ass" I pretty much called it when I said this was gonna be a Generations 2. Now while people can argument with me on this you can't lie that this is pretty much a darker Sonic Generations. I mean we got Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic with the boost again, the Wisp are back AGAIN and they operate like Sonic Colors where you need them to boost problem with that is that's the very thing I dislike in Sonic Colors and even than the boost is pretty much how it was in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations so no surprise the gameplay was a let down because I really expect Ilzukia to keep his promise about being something completely new. Also 2d is back in Modern Stages because it hasn't gotten tiring already, What's the point of Classic Sonic in this game if Modern Sonic is g
:icontruesonicspirit:TrueSonicSpirit 6 13
Self Portrait (March) :iconlostinthetrees:LostInTheTrees 35 19 Best Field Research EVER! :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 595 120 Legacy Eclipse the Darkling Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 219 32 Scootaloo: reckless :iconclayman778:clayman778 44 1 Ready Punk? :iconwingedhelix:WingedHelix 20 7 Made Up Rainbow Feather by Bakki :iconq99:Q99 63 5 Ray the Flying Squirrel Legacy Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 118 4 Legacy Charmy Bee Render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 188 11 Self Portrait (February) :iconlostinthetrees:LostInTheTrees 40 25


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I make plushies, man! Check this out!

Regular Pony plushes:

- Foal pony whatever species (about 7.4"/19 cm tall) : 25$ + shipping
- Adult pony whatever species (about 8.5"/22 cm tall): 35$ + shipping (add 5$ if you want spread wings)
- Alicorn/Big pony whatever species (about 10"/25.5 cm tall): 50$ + shipping
- Deer (about 8.5"/22 cm tall) : 35$ + shipping
- Griffon with closed wings (about 9"/23 cm tall) : 35$ + shipping (add 5$ for spread wings)
- Bat (about 8.5"/22 cm tall) : 25$ + shipping
- Cat: 15$ + shipping (25$ for Cheshire Cat)
- Rabbit: 15$ + shipping
- Mouse: 15$ + shipping
- Flying Squirrel: 20$ + shipping


It's not a sequel, right?
Yup, I'm making memes, today. Still working on plushies, though, but I had to let this go out of my throat. Takashi Iizuka, producer of Sonic Forces, said that this game is going to be "a brand new experience", that this is "not going to be a sequel". Yet they are still relying on nostalgia, making it a Sonic Generations 2. Why? WHY THE HECK ARE YOU DOING THAT?! Do you want to make sure even your fans, who mostly are angry about Sick Ill Zone, won't buy your game? Seems like SEGA wants to burry their flagship mascot 6 feet under...
This moment when you have ideas for lyrics for a possible song you want to write but these are just tidbits and you're stuck in the middle of an art block... Yay...
XL OC Scarr plushie (Mk 4)
[EN] This is it, guys. My very first XL plushie. Commission took through a French speaking Discord, the customer is a really nice guy. But oh my gosh! I won't always make XL plushies. I had to buy more fabric as the one I had was a little too short to sew, and it took me about 17 hours just to embroider the whole thing. What a beast!

Scarr is made out of Steel, Rust and Gold minky Cuddle 3 from Shannon Fabrics and is hand embroidered with DMC embroidery threads.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is ©Hasbro, DHX Media, IDW Publishing and Lauren Faust (:iconfyre-flye:)
Design by ©Rocket Punk :iconrocket-punk:
[FR] Ça y est les gens, ma toute première peluche XL. Commande prise sur le Discord Francoponies, le client est super sympa. Mais oh mon Dieu je ne vais pas tout le temps faire des peluches XL! J'ai dû racheter du tissu vu que mon coupon était trop court de 2 cm, c'était chiant. Et ça m'a pris environ 17 heures rien que pour la broderie, je rigole pas.
If you really know me, you might know by now that I was quite unhyped by Sonic Mania. I wasn't there for the stream, so it didn't have the same effect on me than to the ones who were there. For me, Sonic Mania is just yet another attempt to please Classic Sonic fans while dropping any interest out of the Adventure fans' minds. More classic levels, yet another Green Hill Zone, same Badniks, everything just bugged me that much that I was seriously bored by the announce. That and Classic Sonic's appearance in Project Sonic 2017 (that I still call Sonic Resistance).

To me, Sonic Mania felt flat. Don't get me wrong: those new sprites sure look shiny and crisp, but it doesn't affect me much. I just was like "Yeah, whatever". Total disinterest. Complete unhype. Bored out of my mind. There were neat ideas here and there, including the Drop Dash, but they must've included it in a real 3D game without that Boost non-sense. Studiopolis is okay, and I piss on Mirage Saloon. But the fact is the game is like 60% of older stages, and since the game is longer that Generations (super easy, but still) worried me a lot, and didn't help to feel hyped.

And as time passed, only a few teasers were left here and there, like Mirage Saloon which made me feel more in a Looney Tunes game than in Sonic (Speedy Gonzalez would've been perfect, seriously). I was in the abyss of unhype and disinterest. I was sure I wouldn't buy that shit.

Le cringe

Alright, I'm outta here

But yesterday, two teasers came out and did change my mind. A little, but still.

First of all, Green Hill Act 2 came out. And I didn't expect that. First of all, those ziplines are pretty clever.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sonic mania green hill act 2 burning bridge"
You see me hanging, and riding...

That is pretty sweet, and clever. And remember those damn spiked logs in Green Hill Act 3 in Sonic 1? The ones as long as if you get hit, even with the invincibility frames, you barely can pass them? Well now with the flame shield, you can burn them, allowing you the access to secret areas. That is pretty awesome, and allows tons of cool stuff level-design-wise.

And then you have the Heavy Squad thing. Heavy Gunner looks great. And the fact that his bazooka looks like a ghetto blaster in game is hilarious.

Now with that many new info about Mania, I'm starting to really feel interested in the game. Heck, I'm even thinking about buying it, despite finding Mirage Saloon garbage. I'm not digging the game, but I still feel interested.

But now let's dig further in the rant. My biggest concern about those announcements is: why did SEGA not showed us that earlier? Let me explain. SEGA left many fans out with the announcement of Sonic Mania. And now we know there would be more classic stages than brand new ones left many more of them out. If they wanted to hype up more, why do they show us that just now? I'm pretty sure the game's out next month, cause an April release would be great, especially with the Switch out with no real starters. It's something that bugs me more and more in the gaming industry: we tease some little things and we drop a few big news right before release. With SEGA in the state we know, why did they follow that mindset? Even Nintard showed more of what to expect in the Super Mario Odyssey trailer than what we had in 8 months for Sonic Mania. If SEGA had the balls to show us a little more to begin with, like Garbage Saloon and maybe a fourth stage, we (the fans) would've been more hyped up.

Now I doubt any SEGA employee will read the rant of a random Sonic-fan on DeviantArt, but if it's the case, then please know that your advertising and marketing stunts are awful and you should change that. Cause I think we'll have the same thing for Sonic Resistance.
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Which species should I plush next? (Draconnequus, Baby dragon, Deer, Griffin, Antelope, Giraffe, Fruit bats, Saddle Arabian pony, Sea pony, Hippogriffes done) 

5 deviants said Sirens
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